Atelier Cosmetic Tattooing is a licensed tattoo studio and we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 to be inside the studio under any circumstances. 

Appointment day: Our space is limited at Atelier Cosmetic Tattooing and we only want our focus to be

on you while in your appointment. Please limit to one guest with you if you must bring someone. Anyone that is not receiving a service must wait in the lobby area. No exceptions. 

Booking Fees:  ALL booking fees/deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances. A booking fee is required to ensure you are serious about your appointment and is put towards your services. Canceling or not showing up to your appointment forfeits your booking fee, and you must pay another booking fee to be put back on the schedule. 

Rescheduling: Atelier Cosmetic Tattooing only allows you to reschedule an appointment one time before losing your booking fee/deposit. This policy also applies for touch-ups, by rescheduling it more than once you are pushing your 8-week touch-up further back and additional charges may be applied. 


Touch-Ups:      Our touch-up at the 8-10 week mark is $50. This covers just the cost of supplies for your appointment. If you cancel, or no-show to your appointment, without giving us at least a 48 hour notice then you forfeit the right to the low-cost touch-up appointment and will have to pay another booking fee as well as the 'before 6 month' touch-up at $175. The booking fee counts as a deposit and will be applied to your service. 


Late appointments: If you are more than 15-20 minutes late, you run the risk of having to reschedule your appointment due to appointments after you. If you are coming in from out of town, please account for traffic to make it to your appointment on time. You can reschedule your appointment one time before having to pay another booking fee.

Healed results: Healed results will vary with each individual client. We have no control over what occurs during the healing process. Additional touch ups can be required, because there are many-many factors to cosmetic tattoo healing process that we can not control, and while we typically have beautiful healed results on our clients we can not guarantee that permanent makeup procedure will fully replace all the makeup products you used to apply on your brows, lips or eyes.

Lash Extensions: 

Please come with CLEAN lashes. Lash Extensions won't hold to it's full potential being placed on dirty lashes- use our lash cleanser that we have in store to clean off your lashes before your appointment. 

No Shows will be marked in our booking system as such, and will prohibit you from booking with us in the future. If you cannot make your appointment, or if life just happens, please let us know at your earliest convenience. 

We do not work over someone else's lashes. If you've gotten lashes by someone else, and wish to book with us - it will be booked as a removal, and then a full set to assure we are giving you the best possible service with knowing we're only applying our quality products. 

All services are final; no refunds.

As a courtesy, we send both texts and emails reminding you about your appointment. It's sent in plenty of time to be able to reschedule, if something last minute pops up, contact us and we can get you rescheduled. Atelier Cosmetic Tattooing rescheduling policy is you can reschedule one time before having to pay another booking fee. 

If you have questions on if your next visit is going to be a fill, or a full set depending on our lash ratio, give us a call! 

Thank you so much for hanging out with us at Atelier Cosmetic Tattooing! See you soon!