We make the process of getting any cosmetic tattoo procedure quite easy! Before you come into your appointment, our station will be set up and waiting for you. We only use disposable and one-use items during the procedure. The needles, cartridges, and microblading handles are going to remained seal in it's sterilized package until we are both ready to start. And yes, you are seeing that correct, we use numbing!
Mapping is one of the most important parts in microblading! We keep in mind what is most flattering for your facial structure and anything you'd specifically like to change about your brow shape. We use all sorts of different tools to double check our pre-draw when it comes to symmetry. Although every artist has their own method of the pre-draw, you are fully aware of our game plan before we move forward.
The next step is pigment choice! Every artist in our studio uses Tina Davies Professional pigments. We use this pigment line for a few great reasons; the retention, true-to-color healed tones, they're pre-modified, and they're vegan. Because the pigments are pre-modified, it is expected and very normal for your brows to look like they're pulling warm colors from day 1-5. Do not worry! They only heal true-to-color, without any extra warmth! 
The entire microblading process can take 2 to 2.5 hours. The first 20-25 minutes you are going to be numbing and filling out waiver forms. After we are finished with the first pass of strokes, we lay a secondary open-wound numbing on along with a mask of pigment to soak into the cuts. This is meant to keep you numb, and keep your skin at a calm state. We take skin trauma very seriously; if you are swelling too much, bleeding excessively, or just feel we are over working your skin, then we will evaluate the issue, and reschedule your appointment. If you are not a candidate for microblading, we will let you know while we go over your medical history sheet together. 
After we show you your beautiful new brows, expect to sit with a pigment mask over your brows for 20 minutes so we can allow time for the pigment to soak into the strokes. This is to assure that we are getting as much pigment in those cuts as much as possible to have better retention. Our cosmetic tattooing services comes with a complimentary touch-up session 8-12 weeks after your first appointment. 
Photography by Morgan Parrish